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Student Episodes


How would you respond to the statement that Hip Hop don’t know you? This statement has been thrown around lately in the Hip Hop community to signify that today’s Hip Hop artists have lost their way and that the pioneers


Japanese pop culture is booming throughout the world. One big reason why is how Japanese anime, manga, and games became easily accessible. When talking about these matters, it’s like a whole new different “culture”. Japanese anime, manga and games are


TED equals technology, entertainment and design.   This nonprofit,has licensed independently-organized events all over the world, with luminaries allowed eighteen minutes to give “the talk of their lives” on new and innovative ideas. However, PCC has never had a “TED Talks”


Suppose you had to make a decision that was literally a matter of life and death.  Now– suppose you were mistaking preconceptions for facts. That is the question at the core of Reginald Rose’s classic drama, Twelve Angry Men, running


We’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves at a networking event, club meeting or business dinner feeling a little awkward or nervous, not knowing what to say or where to begin. Vandye Forrester is the owner and founder of The


JOHN FOSTER was a professional archaeologist for 35 years with California State Parks. He has a specialization in underwater archaeology which has allowed him to dive and research historical shipwrecks and other submerged sites all over California, Baja, and the Caribbean.


The life of an artist is at once demanding, exhilarating, challenging and frustrating. Music Professor Andrea Baker (also PCC’s Director of Jazz Studies) talks with co-host Brooke Peterson about what music students can expect to learn here at PCC. Strings


Midterms, deadlines, work schedules and personal lives may seem very far removed from Zen and a state of mental tranquility. Pasadena City College’s “Journey to Wellness” program is working to change that.  The project, funded by a two-year grant from


Nearly 4 years ago, PCC Radio Broadcasting student, Joe Armstrong developed his radio show “Independents Day,” as a class assignment for an advanced radio production class.  From these humble beginnings, Armstrong has cultivated and curated his weekly music show, which


Lancer Radio Sports Correspondent, Zack Elkhaldy caught up with Lakers Point Guard, Steve Nash, after his amazing 19 points and 12 assists performance that helped lead his team to a win over the Sacramento Kings, 113-102 on Sunday night.


Lancer Radio Sports Reporter, Zack Elkhaldy had a phone interview with NFL prospect, Sheldon Price.  Price talks about his time at UCLA, what it was like to work with head-coach, Jim Mora Jr. and the preparation involved for the NFL


PASADENA –  While the Lady Lancers never trailed, ELAC was determined to make Friday night’s “Coaches Versus Cancer” game a close one.  Both teams were heavy in foul trouble as PCC had to play the closing minutes without their floor