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Student Episodes


TLC is upon us, and what better way for WWE to start off the month of Christmas with a big upcoming Pay-Per-View this sunday. Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles, Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss, and much more. Plus, both Raw


Only 19 days till Survivor Series, and things are heating up as Goldberg returns to the Halloween Raw, and it’s involved a jack, and a spear. Smackdown has set up it’s five man team for Smackdown, and the Miz isn’t


“No Mercy came by Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, and me, JoSterio got to witness it for the first time and it was an amazing experience. Get ready for a review like no other. No Mercy”!


“RAW Gets caged, Smackdown goes insane, Mankind’s Almost Last Day, Clash of Champions oh yea. The WWE gets crazy, and here is the quote of the day: Have a nice day.”


Welcome to the first ever episode of WWE NEWS WITH JOSTERIO, where we talk about last weeks, Raw, Smackdown, and Backlash. Get Ready for the first Wrestling show in PCC history.


“The Muzik Forum” hosts, Carlos Uribe and Josh Bonilla interview celebrated session drummer, percussionist and composer, “Bernie Pershey” EXCLUSIVELY on Lancer Radio Network,


“The Muzik Forum” hosts, Carlos Uribe and Josh Bonilla interview Community Leader-Media Consultant & Humanitarian, Fred Zermeno EXCLUSIVELY on Lancer Radio Network,


“The Muzik Forum” hosts, Carlos Uribe and Josh Bonilla, interview World Renowned Grammy Award winning vocalist and violinist, “SHENKAR” EXCLUSIVELY on Lancer Radio Network.  Shenkar discusses his long music career and his newly released album.  Visit Shenkar on Myspace for


Nom, nom, nom, Neanderthals!  On this episode of the Super-O-Show: The Anthropologists discuss the “Paleo-Diet”.  What are the benefits of eating like our ancestors?  Will Mark take the “Steak-Bucket Challenge”?  Join us with paleo practitioner Sarah Barker and proprietor of the


Costume play-or cosplay is a unique aspect in the Otaku culture. Not all otakus do or approve it but we cannot ignore it when talking anime or games. Cosplay is not just dressing up like the character but “to be”


Are you going to tune in, or are you too busy washing your hair?  Today on the Super-O-Show: the Anthropology of DATING, with our guest, actress, comedienne, author, and speed-dating host, Meredith Thomas!  Why spend an hour on a date with someone


Gather ‘round, Anthropologists, and get cultured!  Today on the Super-O-Show: Meet your professors and hosts, Mark Joshua Gordon and Alexis Altounian as we take you on a cultural adventure.  We’ll describe how we became Anthropologists, what Anthropology is all about,