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TVR14B – Advanced Radio Production

Every year, in TVR14B- Advanced Radio Production, students produce an array of short-form and long-form radio projects, including everything from the station promo to long-form, feature radio documentaries. These podcasts represent some of the amazing work our advanced radio/audio production and podcasting students create, every year.


Missed “University Night”?  Not to worry, join PCC’s “Advanced Radio Production” students for their highly informative, live coverage of “University Night,” on March 23, 2016.  “University Night” provides PCC students with access to UC, Cal State and Private college representatives


Advanced Radio Production students, Kelly Kubik and Xochi Barajas invite Neal Wright to the studio.  Wright springs from Portland, OR and recently released his first album, Burner Courage, a project he developed with vocalist and bass-player, Amanda Spring.  The album hearkens back


Mature, sophisticated and giving voice to “Ballads that Bounce” with an array of original songs that cross the genres of Blues, Easy Listening, Folk-Rock, Pop, R and B, and Top 40, this weeks featured artist is singer, song writer and


This is the story of a man who had already found his career and job, but is unsatisfied with the routine life he faced everyday. He decides to follow his passion in radio and music by leaving his career  to


Many people fear change in their lives, but not Jesse Lopez.  He quit his mediocre job to chase his life-long dream.  Though most may find life’s struggles as set backs, Jesse saw these challenges as advantages.  This is one man’s


Here we explore the social standings of Senior Rodriguez and the cards he has been dealt in his life….and the hand he will play.  The future is at stake and the reward bountiful!  This documentary produced by Advanced Radio Production


Frank was pursuing his dream of becoming a filmmaker at Columbia College in Chicago, when his dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Frank packed up his bags and moved back to Milwaukee to take care of his dad and the


Coming from immigrant parents life wasn’t always easy for Xochi Barajas, but a strong and supportive family gave Xochi all the confidence needed to excel. Growing up lessons learned from her mother shaped Xochi’s character and how she views life


On today’s episode of “Girl Power,” the show that gives women their voice on and off campus of Pasadena City College, host, Mindy Lockhart interviews table tennis Olympian, Erika Wu about what it means to be an athlete for a


In this episode of “Capture This”, host, Brian Diaz talks with Editor and Chief of the PCC Courier, Neil Protacio and Chief Photographer, Daniel Nario about some of the challenges in covering hot topic issues on campus.  Is it possible to


“Mind Over Matter” is Lancer Radio’s podcast that discusses modern challenges we face and how to overcome them.  In this episode, host Markena Xolani speaks with “Boots to Books” Coordinator, Dr. Harold Martin.  “Books to Books” is PCC’s course for veterans returning