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Rose Parade – Live Coverage

Lancer Radio’s live coverage of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses annual Rose Parade makes Lancer Radio the only college radio station in the country given access to this nationally-recognized event. This parade boasting hundreds of floats comprised of floral varieties first graced the streets of Pasadena in 1890 and continues to be covered by every major television network in the country. Pasadena City College radio students share the outskirts of the parade route with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, to name a few.


Each year, PCC’s radio students put in a tremendous amount of time and passion into our annual 4-hour live broadcast of the Pasadena Rose Parade.  We look forward to sharing this show with you every year, but we also realize


Pasadena based Phoenix Decorating Company, co-founded by Bill Lofthouse,  has been in the float-building business since 1956!  Today, company President, Chris Lofhouse operates the “family-own” business, and who better to oversee a creative float decorating team, than a guy who


Lancer Radio reporter Dot Cannon continues her look at the six noncommercial organizations that fund and build their own Rose Parade® floats.    These all-volunteer organizations are known as “self-builts”. In this installment of the series, “Six Facets of Creativity,” the

nicole and gerald

A contest had been announced.  Dozens of engaged couples entered, and the grand prize…was a “Dream Wedding”, aboard the Farmers Insurance float, during the 2013 Rose Parade®! Lancer Radio reporter Dot Cannon speaks with the winning couple, Nicole and Gerald,

dr goodall after selection 1

For the 2013 Rose Parade®, Tournament of Roses® President Sally Bixby and her family selected the theme, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Next, President Bixby needed to decide on a Rose Parade® Grand Marshal who’s life and work best illustrate


Six of the floats In the Rose Parade® are created by noncommercial organizations, called “self-builts”. How do these groups fund their floats, which can start at $250,000  when built commercially?  And, how do the “self-builts” get their creations built on


This year marks the 80th anniversary of the very first female Grand Marshall, Mary Pickford.  Lancer Radio Reporter, Kelly Kubik takes us back to 1933 with a brief oral history of the life and times of this iconic figure.

Lancer Radio’s, Reporter Natalie Stromme speaks with Staff Sgt. Michael Hatfield about the 21 Equestrian Units that participated in the Tournament of Roses “EquestFest” this year. The annual EquestFest provides a forum for these teams to boast their skill and

The City of La Canada chose a bent towards the “pre-historic” this year with their 2013 Rose Parade entry, “Dino-Soar”.  Lancer Radio’s Feature Reporter, Kelly Kubik visited with the over 100 volunteers on the float-building crew this year, as well

The City of Burbank has entered a float into the Pasadena Rose Parade every year since 1914, and this year is certainly no different.  This year, Lancer Radio Feature Reporter, Dot Cannon visits with the creators of the City of

Lancer Radio’s own, Xochi Barajas speaks with PCC Drum Major, Jonathan Kent about his first long march in this year’s Pasadena Tournament of Roses Band Fest and Rose Parade.


Feature reporter and radio documentarian, as well as PCC radio student, Dot Cannon was the recipient of the College Broadcasters, Inc. Award for “Best Radio Documentary Feature”.  This awards reflects the outstanding producing Mrs. Cannon exhibited with her feature series