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Costume play-or cosplay is a unique aspect in the Otaku culture. Not all otakus do or approve it but we cannot ignore it when talking anime or games. Cosplay is not just dressing up like the character but “to be” the character you love. It takes much more effort and courtesy in cosplay than one might think. Cosplayer, Risa Light from Cherry Jelly Productions spoke to us about the how-tos and the important matters starters must know!

Cherry Jelly Productions Facebook page:

*Footnote: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Phantom-Thief Jeanne): A very famous shojo manga (Girls comic)  where the main character is a reincarnation of Jeanne D’Arc and transforms into a phantom-thief to collect the scattered artworks pertaining God’s powers.

Kantai Collection (KanKore): Free-to-play online card game. Each character is designed based on the WWII naval warships and depicted into cute girls.